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4 Reasons To Buy A New-To-You Vehicle

The decision to get rid of your existing car isn't always easy. A lot of times, people are hesitant to trade in or sell their old cars because they enjoy not having a monthly payment or even because the vehicle has sentimental value. However, there are many situations in which it's going to be better for you in the long-term if you trade up to something new, or even something new-to-you from a used car dealership.

1. Your Family is Growing

That tiny compact car you've been driving around since your college days might have been plenty big enough for you in the past, but as your life changes and your family grows, that little car might not be enough to accommodate everybody. Perhaps you and your spouse just found out you're going to have a baby; that's great news, but you're probably going to want a roomier vehicle, such as an SUV or at least a mid-sized sedan.

2. Repair Bills Are Piling Up

Perhaps your old car is simply starting to cost you too much in repairs to the point that trading it in for something newer is the financially wise decision. Yes, you might pick up a monthly payment by buying a new or used car, but you'll also be saving on monthly repair bills and enjoy greater peace of mind in knowing that your newer vehicle is more reliable and safe.

3. Your Insurance is Too High

That sports car you bought after college sure is fun to drive, but as you begin paying back your student loans and taking on other financial responsibilities (such as buying a house), you might be having second thoughts. Because faster and sportier cars tend to be more expensive to insure (due to their higher risk), you could actually save a lot of money by switching to a safer vehicle that's less expensive to insure.

4. The Fuel Economy is Awful

Finally, if your car is on the older side, there's a good chance that it doesn't get the best fuel economy--especially if it's a larger truck, van, or SUV. Today's newer vehicles are more fuel efficient than ever, so it could make financial sense to trade your car in for something that'll save you money each time you fill up. You might be surprised at how much of a difference it can make in terms of your finances to have a fuel-efficient vehicle.

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